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Honey is a sweet and viscous substance that is produced through honeybees as well as other  bees. Honey is produced by bees from sweet liquids of the plants (floral nectar) or from the secretions of other insects through regurgitation, enzymatic activity as well as the evaporation of water. Honey bees store their honey in wax structures, referred to as honeycombs and bees that are not stingless store their honey in pots composed from wax as well as resin.

Honey’s sweetness comes from monosaccharides fructose as well as glucose. It has the same sweetness and similarity to sucrose (table sugar).Fifteen millilitres (1 US tablespoon) of honey can provide 190 kilojoules (46 Kilocalories) of energy from food. 

Honey has appealing chemical properties to bake with and has a distinct taste when it is used as an ingredient in sweeteners. The majority of microorganisms don’t thrive in honey, which is why honey that is sealed does not go bad even after a thousand years.

Honey production and use have been around for a long time and have a rich and varied time as an activity that dates back to the beginning of. Cave paintings in Cuevas de la Arana in Spain depict people searching for honey around 8000 years back. The large-scale meliponi culture has been used during the time of people of the Mayans from pre-Columbian times.

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Honey Processing

Maakhie honey collection process is executed by beekeepers employing unique and traditional methods to protect the integrity of the honey and provide healthy sidr honey benefits to those who consume it.

The process of producing honey takes around 45 days. During this time, each bee is able to perform a distinct job. This way, by collaboration, the proper progress of the process can be assured, resulting in the production of top-quality honey. The procedure consists of the following methods through which we can get natural and pure sidr honey for the supplier.

Bees store nectar in their honeybee hives.

After the nectar has been removed from the flower, the process of making honey continues. bees inhale the nectar and keep it in their abdomens.

Then, they return to their hives, in which the honey-making process is continuing. They then pass the nectar to the workers, who take the nectar and break it down using various digestion enzymes to produce simpler substances. This way the bees eat the nectar for around 30 minutes, or until the nectar’s moisture increases from 70% to 20 percent.

Cell sealing

When the honey is placed inside the hive, the honey-making process is continued with the removal of excess moisture from the honeybee hive. This way they are able to remove up to 80 percent of the extra water.


Honey production is completed after a certain period of time the nectar produced binds to wax and enzymes; thus giving the honey its distinctive sweet taste.

To eliminate any remaining wax that might be present after removing this product from the beekeepers, they keep the product in decanting for a couple of days. After a few days, the product is cleaned and packed. However with raw honey in Pakistan, following being allowed to rest for a few days the honey is packed directly.

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natural honey


Maakhie is offering pure honey in Lahore and also all over Pakistan. Maakhie is getting popular and becoming one of the largest honey suppliers in Pakistan. Our Sidr Honey is produced by our farms and we supply it all over Pakistan. We always keep an eye on the production and supply. Our packaging and Storage system of Sidr Honey is found to be the world’s best honey in Pakistan among all the Sidr honey suppliers.


Maakhie is one of the best honey brands in Pakistan. We pay serious attention to the packaging of its products. Our product is in high demand all over Pakistan, and we’ve created best practices for organic product packaging. Specialized Jars are used for sidr honey Packaging ranging from 250 to 1000g in weight. Honey in an airtight Jar that protects it from moisture and any other hazardous particles.


The supply of Sidr Honey is stored in our warehouses in a clean and safe manner prior to shipment. It should be kept in a Cool and Dry Place. Our storage areas for Sidr honey purely fulfill all the hygienic environment qualities that increase its life and purity.


We are a leading producer of high-quality Beri honey and one of Pakistan’s sidr beri honey Suppliers. For the past 1 year and a half, we have been involved as the supplier of Pure Organic honey in Pakistan.

Best Supplier

We have all of the essential quality control management certificates for organic product suppliers across Pakistan. Our packaging technique is based on internationally recognized quality standards, preventing the possibility of particles combining with the product. Our products are generally used worldwide. We provide the original honey in Pakistan and all over the world, which is grown and processed on our farms.

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