Berseem Honey

Berseem Honey

Honey is produced by honeybees and is sweet and viscous. Honeybees make Berseem Honey through regurgitating enzyme activity and evaporate from sweet liquids or secretions of other insects. Honey bees keep their honey in wax structures, whereas stingless bees preserve their honey in wax and resin pots. The monosaccharides fructose and glucose are responsible for honey’s sweetness. In terms of sweetness, it’s similar to sucrose. One tablespoon of honey contains 190 kilojoules (46 kilocalories) of food energy.

Because of its basic qualities, honey is a wonderful choice for baking. When used in sweeteners, it has a sweet flavour. After 1000 years, honey packed in plastic bags will not spoil. Because most microbes cannot exist in honey. Honey production and consumption have both been around for a long time. They have a long and illustrious history dating back to the dawn of time. 

Process of Berseem Honey 

The maakhie honey collection is done by beekeepers using traditional and unique methods to preserve the honey’s integrity and offer health benefits to honey lovers. Producing honey takes approximately 45 days. Each bee can perform a different job during this period. Collaboration is key to ensuring the smooth operation of the honey production process. These are the methods that we use to obtain pure Berseem honey from our supplier.

In their honeybee hives, honeybees store nectar.

After the nectar has been extracted, the honey-making process continues. The bees inhale the nectar and store it in their tummies. They then return to the hives to resume honey production. The workers then take the nectar and break it down using enzymes to produce simpler chemicals. The bees then devour the nectar for around 30 minutes, or when the moisture content has dropped from 70% to 20%.

Sealing cells

After the honey has been placed in the hive, the honey-making is continued by removing excess moisture from the hive. They can remove as much as 80 percent of excess water this way.


After a period of time, the honey is produced. The nectar produced binds with enzymes and waxes. This gives honey its unique sweet taste. After removing the product from beekeepers, any wax remains must be removed. The product is kept in decanting for a few days to get rid of any leftover wax. The product is then cleaned and packed. Raw honey from Pakistan is packaged directly after it has been allowed to rest for a couple of days.

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Maakhie offers pure honey in Lahore as well as all over Pakistan. We supply Berseem Honey from our farms all across Pakistan. We keep a close eye on both production and supply. Berseem Honey’s packaging and storage system is ranked among the top Berseem honey suppliers in Pakistan.


Maakhie honey is a top-rated brand in Pakistan. The packaging of our products is a major concern. We have developed best practices for organic product packaging because our product is highly sought after in Pakistan. Berseem honey packaging is done in specialised jars weighing 250-1000g. Honey is kept in sealed containers that are airtight to protect it from moisture and other harmful particles.


Berseem Honey is stored in safe and clean warehouses before shipment. It should be kept dry and in a cool place. Berseem honey storage areas are designed to provide a clean environment that will increase its purity and life span.


We are a top producer of high-quality Berseem honey, and also one of the leading Berseem honey suppliers in Pakistan. We have been involved in the supply of Pure Organic honey to Pakistan for the past year and a quarter.


All of the necessary quality control management certificates are available for organic product suppliers in Pakistan. The packaging method we use is consistent with internationally accepted quality standards. This prevents particles from combining with the product. Our products are used all over the world. Our honey is the best in Pakistan, and around the globe. It’s grown on our farms and then processed.


The Maakhie has over 10 years of experience in Pakistani suppliers. We are one of the biggest suppliers of pure and natural honey in Pakistan. We offer the most efficient shipping services throughout Pakistan. We want to get the product to you as quickly as possible when you need it.