Pure Natural Honey Suppliers

Beri Honey

We are a leading producer of high-quality Beri honey and one of Pakistan’s sidr beri honey Suppliers. For the past 1 year and a half, we have been involved as the supplier of Pure Organic honey in Pakistan.

Berseem Honey

Maakhie offers pure honey in Lahore as well as all over Pakistan. We supply Berseem Honey from our farms all across Pakistan. We keep a close eye on both production and supply. Berseem Honey’s packaging and storage system is ranked among the top Berseem honey suppliers in Pakistan.

Raw Kashmiri Kikar Honey

Raw Kashmiri Kikar Honey is harvested by the hilltops of Kashmir. The majority of Kikar plants in India are found only situated on those hills in Kashmir therefore the beehives are situated in the hills for the harvest of Raw Kashmiri Kikar Honey. The best honey in Pakistan produced by the Maakhie comes from Raw Kashmiri Kikar Flowers Honey. Our apiary is also located in Kashmir to cultivate honey.