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Khalis desi Ghee will add good nutrition to your meal. Your breakfast is delicious and nutritious. Ghee is a better option if you are sensitive to lactose and don’t like to cook at high temperatures. Ghee is more suitable than butter because it contains less fat. Don’t be afraid to use it. Remember that pure ghee can be made with cow’s milk. Spreadable shelf-stable ghee can be used at room temperature. It is not necessary to refrigerate. It is possible for Khalis Items Desi ghee to penetrate the cell and nourish it as it passes through the lipid membrane. The food that has been cooked in it will penetrate the body and deliver the greatest benefits.


Maakhie Company’s Organic Butter Based Desi Ghee can be prepared by heating organic butter over medium-low heat. The butter will boil when it has melted and simmered for a while. The butter is then boiled at the boiling point. The remaining high-quality, clear ghee can be sorted and separated from the residue.

Pakistan’s Cow Ghee has the highest flash point (485 degrees Fahrenheit). This makes it one of the best alternatives for high-temperature cooking. It has proteins and Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty oils, as well as vitamins A, D, and E.

Here are the steps after passing these phases our team produced Pure Desi Ghee.

Melt the Butter

We can use a heavy-bottomed skillet such as a dutch oven or stainless steel skillet to ensure that the solids of milk aren’t rapidly burning. We use moderate heat to melt the butter, then reduce the heat to low to simmer.

When the butter completely melts, it will begin to rise and then break down. While the butter cooks in the oven, some milk proteins rise up and rest on the surface while it separates from fat and the water. The process can take a while until the oil of butter begins to become clear, so make sure to remove the solids. Then, clarified butter is created. The subsequent steps will give the ghee a toasty with a nutty aroma.


Maakhie provides pure Desi Ghee both in Lahore and all across Pakistan. Our team in Pakistan supplies Desi Ghee. Both production and supply are closely monitored by us. Desi Ghee’s packaging system and storage system are ranked among the best in Pakistan.


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Maakhie Ghee is a highly-rated brand in Pakistan. Packaging is an important concern for us. Because our organic product is highly desired in Pakistan, we have created best practices for packaging organic products. Desi Ghee packaging comes in specialized jars. 350g of Desi Ghee is priced at RS 950 PKR, while a pack of 750g costs RS 750g PKR. Ghee is stored in airtight containers to keep it dry and protect it from other harmful particles.


Desi Ghee should be stored in clean, secure warehouses until shipment. It should be kept in a dry jar which can be stored at room temperature. Desi Ghee storage spaces are designed to preserve its purity and extend its natural life.


We are a leading producer of high-quality Desi Ghee and one of the top Desi Ghee suppliers to Pakistan. For the last year and a half, we have been involved with the supply of Pure Organic Ghee in Pakistan.


For organic product suppliers in Pakistan, all necessary certificates for quality control management are available. We use internationally accepted packaging standards. This prevents any particles from mixing with the product. All over the globe, our products are in use. Ghee from Pakistan is one of the most popular in the world.


The Maakhie is a Pakistani supplier with over 10 years of experience. We are the largest supplier of Desi Ghee, pure and natural, in Pakistan. We provide the best shipping services in Pakistan. We will get your product as soon as possible when it is needed.

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